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Services we provide

About our process

We offer affordable custom designs and plant selection based on close consideration of your individual style, property, and site. 


Our design studio, Special Topics, is focused on connecting gardens with those spaces inside our homes and businesses emphasizing continuity between spaces indoor and out. Our team has enjoyed the privilege to work on projects across North America, and we pair that breadth of collective experience with a special appreciation for our local environment to design novel spaces.


Our field team collaborates closely with the studio and clients to translate designs into living gardens. Our in-house irrigation, excavation and carpentry services compliment an extended team of highly skilled subcontractors to deliver exceptionally crafted spaces. Careful attention to installation creates an easy, painless, custom process for our customers from start to finish.


We install the work we design as an internal team, and also enlist the help of outside designers when clients have already begin the design process before contacting us. (As former architects, we play well with others). Installation services include excavation and grading, rock work, foundations and retaining walls, pavers and sidewalks, decks, screens and pergolas, railings, play structures and planting.


Critical to the establishment and long-term health of gardens is seasonal maintenance. Maintenance is where our team got its start, and it is where we continue to excel. We offer full service garden care, including pruning, weeding, planting, seasonal plant protection, irrigation maintenance, winter watering and clean up for residential, commercial and HOA clients. We offer residential, estate, commercial and HOA lawn trimming, and in the winter we offer professional residential and estate snow removal and ice management.

Residential Garden Maintenance

Healthy plants live longer and look better. We keep your garden thriving with weeding, pruning, and a deep knowledge of the specifics of Colorado plant care. We can come for a single clean-up visit or schedule regular care.

Irrigation Services

Irrigation can be a challenge in yards and gardens; it takes a trained professional to dial in a system. We specialize in garden and lawn irrigation installations and maintenance. We can check your existing system; repair, update, or expand as needed; or design and build a new system from scratch. 

Commercial and HOA Landscape Maintenance

We work closely with mowing and arborist companies to care for large spaces, focusing on the finer details of garden and landscaped areas. We install annual beds, care for perennials and shrubs, and offer fresh ideas.


We also offer light excavation services including: site and driveway preparation, finish grading, drainage ways, downspout drains, French drains, erosion control, tilling/soil amendment, seeding and over-seeding, light demolition and import and export trucking.

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