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Design and Installation

Affordable custom design and plant selection based on close consideration of your individual style, property, and site. Careful attention to installation for an easy, painless, custom process from start to finish.


Residential Garden Maintenance

Healthy plants live longer and look better. We keep your garden thriving with weeding, pruning, and a deep knowledge of the specifics of Colorado plant care. We can come for a single clean-up visit or schedule regular care.

Commercial and HOA Landscape Maintenance

GROW works closely with mowing and arborist companies to care for large spaces, focusing on the finer details of garden and landscaped areas. We install annual beds, care for perennials and shrubs, and offer fresh ideas with a solid background in Colorado plant care to keep everything looking its best.


Irrigation Services

Irrigation can be a challenge in yards and gardens; it takes a trained professional to dial in a system. GROW specializes in garden and lawn irrigation installations and maintenance. We can check your existing system; repair, update, or expand as needed; or design and build a new system from scratch. 


Containers and Seasonal Decorations

From commercial storefronts and entrances to custom residential planters, we offer custom, seasonal arrangements.

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