Design and Installation

We offer custom design services at an affordable price.  We take into consideration your individual style and combine it with a design and plant selection that is specific to your property and site.  Every plant is selected to thrive in it's new location. We take great care in listening to your needs and bringing your ideas to life.  During the installation, we pay close attention to every detail, making the project easy and painless for you.


Residential Garden Maintenance

GROW focuses on maintaining healthy plants, and healthy plants last longer and look the best!  Whether it is just coming to help with the weeding, or pruning your special rose bushes, we have got you covered.  We know that you don't prune a rose the same way you do a lilac and that different species require different types of care.  Our gardeners are knowledgeable and trained in the specifics of plant care in Colorado.  We can come for a single visit or put your property on a regular schedule to keep it looking it's best year round.

Commercial and HOA Landscape Maintenance

Do you have a large space that needs professional care?  GROW is just the company to take care of the garden and landscaped areas on your site.  We work closely with your mowing company and arborist which allows us to focus on the finer details of the landscaped areas.  We will keep your property immaculately maintained whether it's installing a bed of annuals, or caring for the perennials and shrubs you already have in place.  We bring fresh ideas with a solid background in plant care to keep everything looking it's best.


Irrigation Services

Irrigation can be a challenge in the garden and it takes a trained professional to dial in a system.  GROW specializes in garden and lawn area irrigation installations and maintenance.  We can perform everything from system check ups to repairing and updating an existing zone to building a new system from the ground up.


Containers and Seasonal Decorations

Whether it's a storefront, main entrance or custom residential planters, we can give you four seasons of spectacular color and beauty.  Our designer will create a custom look just for you.

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